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Soapstone cubes

A fun addition to the Shungite collection is a set of soapstone cubes. Soapstone is a rock that is made up primarily of talc, magnesite, and Clorite, with some Magnetite somewhere inside it. It’s consistency is non-porous, though you would think it is completely porous.

Soapstone goes back to even primitive man as a carving aid. When a piece of soapstone is taken and used as a drawing utensil, it creates a white mark where it’s used. Throughout the ages soapstone was used to make carvings, and sacred items by early tribes, and clans. The North American Indians used soapstone to make their weapons, as it has been used for centuries as some of the first tools by all tribes, and clans of men.

In the early wars, soapstone was used as a mold for making weapons such as knives, spears, and arrows. It was also used to make molds for cooking utensils, eating utensils, and even cooing tables to heat food.

Soapstone usually can be found it a few colors, green, gray, and black. It’s literally classified as a stone, though the hardness of this particular stone is relatively low. This actually makes it the perfect carving stone for anything needed to be carved. Museums have dated carvings back to the stone ages.

A soapstone cube is not heat or cold conductive. The ability soapstone has to absorb heat and cold, and then retain the temperature is unlike most other minerals.

Drop a few pieces of soapstone in gasoline, or oil, and you’ll see it does not absorb either of the liquids, and can be thoroughly washed and be fresh and new again.

Take it and freeze it for a few hours, drop it in a drink of your choice, and the temperature can be cooled, or maintain the temperature of your already cool drink, thus stabilizing its current cool temperature for up to thirty minutes.

Drop a few pieces of heated soapstone into your coffee, or hot chocolate, it’ll stay hot for at least 30 minutes, or longer.

In the upper class crowds, a favorite is to order soapstone cubes in a glass of Bourbon, whiskey, even cognac, to make a drink either hot, or cold depending on personal preference.

Strong acids, and liquids won’t damage your soapstone, so there should be no fear in using them for various drinks. They don’t put out a residual mineral for you to worry about health conditions, they are simply non-porous, and applicable to most any drink.

You can cool your soapstone cubes in your freezer for 3-4 hours, and heat it up in boiling water, or your oven, or possibly in a fire. Either way, the soapstone cubes will not break down, and dissipate.

This set includes 9 polished cubes of tulikivi. The size of cube is 20x20x20 mm. The weight of set is 225 gr.
946 руб.
This set includes 9 unpolished cubes of tulikivi. The size of cube is 20x20x20 mm. The weight of set is 225 gr.
696 руб.
This set includes 12 tumbled unpolished cubes of tulikivi. The size of cube is 15x15x15 mm. The weight of set is 120 gr.
1 363 руб.
This is a polished cube of tulikivi. The size of cube is 20x20x20 mm. The weight is 25 gr.
111 руб.
This is an unpolished cube of tulikivi. The size of cube is 20x20x20 mm. The weight  is 25 gr.
83 руб.