• 100% authentic shungite direct from mine
  • Water purification
  • EMF protection from wi-fi, computers, phones
  • Worldwide trackable delivery
  • Paypal's buyer protection for up to 180 days
Shungite Wholesale

Shungitelife.com charges the best prices because we have the belief that our customers deserve the best prices. They’re reasonable, and leave room to profit on when you’re a wholesaler.

We make our products from a single piece of authentic shungite (not shungite powder with casting resin).
For orders over $500.00 we give a 20% discount, and for orders over $1,000 we give 30% off.
We have all certificates for the products.
Your logo
If you need special emblems, or symbols on your Shungite, we have no problem putting your logo.
We wrap, and make safe your product before we ship it and  keep up quality standards with all levels.
Just let us know if there is something wrong, and we will make sure we take care of your order.
Worldwide shipping by UPS and air plane. We ship at a surprisingly speedy rate. 
If you are a beginner in this business we will help you to choose right products. Just contact us.