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Shungite wand for massage

The benefits of massage have been known since ancient times. It is conducted not only on the back, but all parts of the body. Even the most simple massage done correctly is very useful. If we add beneficial properties of shungite to this process, we’ll have a very useful yet simple procedure.

The mineral is used in different types of massage for various parts of the body. For example, pellets made of this stone are used in health purposes, as well as, for relief of pain and negative energy from hands. It also restores energy balance.

We should also talk about the foot massage. Did you know that the feet have about 70 reflex zones? Each of them is related to a certain inner body parts. By affecting these areas you can activate the vital functions of these organs. That’s why it is a very simple and effective way to relieve tension, stress, fatigue and pain.

The use of pebbles made of the mineral for foot massage, thanks to the unique properties of the mineral provides impacting on the human reflex zones. This happens due to the positive energy of the stone.

This procedure is a good prevention from many diseases of the musculoskeletal, and nervous system. It is noticed that after the first session, there is a noticeable improvement with a normalization of sleep. It also relieves pain in the leg muscles and joints, restores blood circulation, and reduces excitement. Using shungite for this purpose is absolutely safe and beneficial for people of all ages.

The Shungite massage polished wand is a unique tool for acupressure, used for the palms and fingers to activate energy flows. The wand should be handled with a great care because it has a strong directional effect.

The wand has a very narrow spectrum of usage. It is used by experts in this field to pressure on the acupressure points on the human body. It is widely used in Su-Jok therapy. The energy of shungite, directed and focused in the acute part of the wand.

Shungite has unique properties and has no analogues among the minerals in the world. It is guaranteed that using shungite products has only a positive effect. It is very simple and affordable.

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The surface is polished . The size of Shungite wand is 12  mm diameter  and  80-90...
600 руб.
The surface is  polished . The size of Shungite wand is  12  mm diameter  and  80-90...
660 руб.