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Shungite Pyramids and Shungite Matrix
Nov 27, 2017

Shungite Pyramids

The history of Shungite is not new, it’s 2 billion years old. The well-cut Shungite Pyramid is a powerful tool in keeping harmful EMF (Electra-magnetic Frequency) radiation at bay. These frequencies are a negative turn to the way your body moves on the earth due to physics. What a negative frequency does when it enters your body is begin to slowly destroy the rhythm and balance your body needs to survive. It can break down your immune system slowly, or begin to dis-balance your brain energy. There is actually physical proof of how negative energy effects the body.

Shungite Pyramids have multiple sides. These sides can absorb and dissipate the energy before it gets to you. The energy field is physically proven to have an emission of what is called “fullerenes”. This actually refers to a complicated matrix of carbon that is so intense that it is actually conducive to electricity. 

Shungite Matrix

This concentration matrix has been physically tested to do some very amazing things like when it’s added to water, it neutralizes harmful bacteria, and creates clean water for drinking. 

The positive energy emitted from Shungite is the only known physical energy that corrects the negative energy from harmful types of radiation. As negative radiation turns counter clockwise, our positive energy turns clockwise. When Shungite is introduced to the equation, the counter clockwise motion is slowed and eventually neutralized with the current of the physical matrix of fullerenes coming from Shungite. 

When a Shungite Pyramid is placed next to your computer, it absorbs, and neutralizes the negative energy coming from your computer, and at the same time releases positive energy to neutralize negative energy in your work area.

Shungite Pyramids are some of the best known types of protection against physical negative energy. 


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