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Shungite Pendulum

The energy from a Shungite Pendulum is known only with certain groups who value precious stones, and use them on a daily basis. Science has shown that Shungite Pendulums are one of the strongest stones containing fullerenes that help the immune system, calm nerves, and help to create an energy to living organisms it has been around.

Shungite Pendulums are known for their matrix of fullerenes that help a room stay calm. Mixed with a feng shui and decorative tone, your Shungite Pendulum will serve a double reason to have it. First, being a decorative piece of Shungite stone, it will promote design and and interesting conversation piece. Second, your Shungite Pendulum will absorb negative energy from both other people, and harmful EMF radiation at the same time. This promotes both a calm atmosphere in the area it’s kept in, plus adds an extra layer to keeping harmful energy from your body.