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Shungite: High Pyramids
Nov 27, 2017

Shungite High Pyramids are an essential to any Shungite collection.

Shungite has always had a decorative fashion, but High Pyramids weather polished or unpolished can make an accent and impression on the first glance. 

Each side of the Shungite will project an energy field that can absorb negative energies such as harmful electromagnetic energy that can slowly erode parts of your body tissue silently. The point of the High Shungite is especially attractive for conversation invigoration. Setting them on your work desk, or coffee table can make an interesting decoration as well as promote focused thinking, and great intellectual conversations. 

Negative energies have a way of causing stress without people even knowing it’s happening. If the sun is hot, and we don’t feel good outside, negative energy has an open door to happen. We suggest that you sit down when you can, and take a few breaths, relax. If you can be around the Shungite, it can absorb some of the negative energy activity happening and release fullerenes that can counteract the effects. 

Polished and Unpolished High Shungite comes in all different sizes, it really depends on what you want to use it for. It can be purchased here from our site in sizes from 30x30 millimeters to 100x100x200 millimeters and can also be used to purify and clear a pitcher of water if needed. Just add it to your pitcher of water and wait a few hours. Your water should be clear. It’s best to be sure and let it sit in your water for at least a day.

High Polished Shungite is not recommended to be carried in a pocket, as it has a sharp point, and should be handled carefully. As a decorative piece High Polished Shungite make’s an excellent shelf-piece as well as a paperweight with it’s energy and fullerenes, it makes the perfect added ornament for most anywhere.


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