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The Shungite Hemisphere Energy Field

The Shungite Hemisphere is an amazing tool. With its fullerene matrix, it can produce an energy field that will absorb, and neutralize geopathic stress caused by the changing of the earth’s gravity during season changes while the earth tilts from one side to the other settling on it’s axis. The Shungite hemisphere also protects your body from harmful negative electromagnetic energies that eventually will harm your body.

Depending on the size of the Shungite Hemisphere, it can be an all around help to you at the office, while it absorbs and neutralizes the harmful energies in your computer, and electronic devices such as your cellular phone, and even your watch that contains a bit of ionization inside the battery.

If you office is in an area where outside electric lines are overhead, it’s a very dangerous place for you. Depending on the size of your Shungite Hemisphere can help with the atmospheric changes in your office that slowly creep up on your body, and cause unknown types of pain, or lung problems. Soft tissue problems in your body are susceptible to the invisible waves of energy that will slowly weaken your immune system, and destroy without notice. The Shungite Hemisphere can block, absorb, neutralize, and repel these energies from your area, and your body.

Positive Calming Energy

While the Shungite Hemisphere is powerful enough to repel, absorb, and block different harmful energy, depending on it’s size, it can also help promote well thinking. Calmness of thought and focus is one of the best feelings known to mankind. This is the kind of thinking that helps the brain produce productive project, and have great days. The Shungite Hemisphere will promote the energy for this to happen.

Carbon Matrix of a Shungite Hemisphere

Shungite Hemispheres have a much larger reserve of fullerenes, which is mixed in their energy field creating the combative energy your brain, and body needs.

The Matrix of a Shungite Hemisphere helps your body generate a good immune system just by you having it on your desk while you work. The carbon matrix flows through the air, and creates a calming in your brain to bring focus, and productive thoughts. The good endorphin chemicals in your brain flow naturally thereby enhancing your immune system, and creating a healing sense in all areas of your body.

The diameter of the hemispher ia 70 mm. The height is 35 mm.
1 127 руб.
The diameter of the hemispher ia 80 mm. The height is 40 mm.
1 405 руб.
The diameter of the hemispher ia 90 mm. The height is 45 mm.
1 558 руб.
The diameter of the hemispher ia 100 mm. The height is 50 mm.
2 311 руб.