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Shungite Care for Life
Nov 27, 2017

Shungite is one of the most effective stones in the world.

It should be on the top 5 list of the scale when it comes to the matrix of minerals, and carbons. It’s the one most needed stone to keep in your collection because of its valuable properties, and abilities to positively interact with your body. Shungite properties have helped heal parts of the body, and dissolve dangerous bacteria such as streptococci. (Any of various round gram-positive bacteria of the genus Streptococci  that occur in pairs or chains and can cause various infections in the human body. This includes strep throat, erysipelas, scarlet fever, and others.- www.TheFreeDictionary.com)  

Wearing your Shungite

Wearing your Shungite is a style, it’s a great way to show off what you’re actually using to help your body. It’s a great conversation piece, and a way to help other people. Some people can wear Shungite necklaces, bracelets, and pendants 24 hours a day. But recently in our findings, there are some people who can not wear their items more than a few hours a day. This would be because the constant output of the matrix of carbons into your body’s system or the skin may be too much for your body to handle during the time you have it on. In this case we suggest that for different items, you use it for only 15 minutes to 2 hours at a time. It really depends on what kind of item you’re using. Please contact us for suggestions as to how to use your Shungite order so that you can use it harmoniously, and usefully for your body’s health. 

Cleansing and Storage of your Shungite

The cleansing and storage of your Shungite item may be common sense, but let’s take a look at what can be done.

  • When you have worn your Shungite all day and you take it off, you should wash it with warm soap and water to clean excess body oil from it, and set it in an area where it will dry (an air vent, or a place where it can catch the sun. Placing your Shungite near an air vent can help new fullerenes release from it, and actually help to cleanse your room.
  • For small desktop Pyramids, the action of the mineral carbon’s matrix has been used extensively if you have anywhere from one to several computers in the area. When you wash your Shungite pyramid, spend a little extra time rubbing with your wash cloth. This will help bring out the abilities of the carbon matrix a bit better. It’s been working a little harder if computers are in the area. Then set it in an area where it can have some sun, or warmth to dry fully.
  • If you have a Shungite High Pyramid, then use a wash cloth and lightly clean it with a little soap, and warm water. Be sure to not only clean the flat surfaces well, but also the corners so that the grain of the rock is exposed to the air. Depending on how the Shungite is cut and formed, the corners can be almost as strong as the flat surfaces when it comes to releasing the carbon matrix of fullerenes. Set it in an area that is most likely to dry easily. Use a towel for the initial drying process, but always remember that Shungite will have to dry completely by sitting out. It’s possible to use a light blowing fan to help.
  • For bracelets, necklaces, and other wearable items, you should lightly wash them with warm water. Try to keep the fasteners away from water as the water may have an effect on how they function later. Use a cloth to lightly rub all surfaces, and corners. Set it in an area where it can dry fully such as in the sun, or near a vent. It may also release its carbon fullerenes to the air helping your atmosphere.
  • For Shungite belts because they are wrapped with material, simply take a damp cloth and lightly clean the surface of the fabric. The Shungite really does not need to be cleaned as much as using exposed Shungite.

Shungite Storage

The storage of your Shungite is relatively simple. When not using your Shungite you should store it in a place where it may do the most good. Shungite is meant to be used in any way you can use it. Suggestions would be to put it in a place where the fullerene carbon base can release to the best parts of where you need it but not be obtrusive to your area. Possibly on a shelf with other stones, in a bowl on a coffee table, or other places. This is qualified as storage as it is also a working part of your area. In this case wherever you put your Shungite, remember to at least once a week clean it with a dry, or damp cloth taking the dust and other things from it that may stop its effectiveness.

Use your Shungite to its fullest ability. Contact us for more information and learn more with www.ShungiteLife.com



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