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About shungite

Have you ever heard of this amazing mineral called shungite?

This unique rock has been studied by scientists and loved by people for its outstanding features. The only field of this mineral is in Karelia, Russia. There is a small village called Shunga where the name of the mineral originates from. The rock is over 2 billion years old and has been in use for around 500 years now. This is indeed “a healing stone” and has been proven not only by numerous stories from people and history, but also by modern scientists.

The unique properties of shungite

So, what are the features of this magical mineral? Here are the most well-known of them and many are yet undiscovered.

First of all we need to mention that the major part of shungite consists of fullerene. What is a fullerene? It is a special form of carbon with a unique structure. Fullerene provides the rock with its healing properties.

  • Purification properties. It is proven that shungite removes pathogenic bacteria. It is used as a water filter because it nutralizes harmful micro organisms and chemicals that the water may contain.
  • Electroconductivity. It is the one of the rare rocks in the world that can conduct electricity.
  • Protects against electromagnetic fields. Shungite is natural shield from EMF of computers, wi-fi routers, televisions, cell phones, microwaves and etc.
  • Hypoallergenic properties. It doesn’t cause problems, but helps to decrease any kind of alllergy.
  • Protects from radiation. Scientists conducted experiments with rats and found out that fullerene water significantly releives the course of radiation disease.
  • Antioxidant effect. Fullerene has the most powerful antioxidant properties that are even more effective than vitamin E.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects. It suppresses any inflammations and improves immunity.

This is just a small list of very useful effects that the mineral has. You can find much more about it at our online shop. We have a lot of shungite stone products for sale and you can also buy it wholesale.

If you want to discover this wonderful mineral and its useful effects, we’re ready to help you! We take the shungite for our products directly from the Karelian mine, which is the only field of this mineral in the world. Try it yourself, buy any product and see the result. Various products are on sale, find yours among them!

Our specialization is to make sure you have real Shungite. This means that our prices, customer service, and availability are top priority. We make sure that we offer the best quality, and real Shungite available.

We test every piece. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your Shungite.

Watch the video and you’ll see an example of how we test Shungite, as well as you can learn how to do it yourself.


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